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26/02/15 Project Update

To make up for the slow progress in the last few weeks I increased asset production. Some of the assets - such as the typewriter - will need partially remodelled/retextured, but I am pleased with the progress that I had made. I also had an unfortunate accident while moving items between packages: UDK crashed and corrupted half of my package, thus I had to spend a day rebuilding the materials and re-importing the static meshes. (I forgot to back up... for about a week or two... rookie error!)


  • New Roof Model
  • Ceiling Light + Light bulbs
  • Doily's (Rectangular & Round)
  • Plastic Wrap for Small Table
  • Coasters & Coaster Holder
  • Mail (Letters)
  • A4 Paper (Clean & Typed)
  • Typewriter
  • Bin
  • Placeholder Couch & Chair (Testing Space)


  • Artex Texture + Normal Map
  • Ceiling Light Texture (Emissive)
  • Light bulb (Emissive)
  • Doily         x2
  • Coaster    x2
  • Letter        x1
  • A4 Paper x2
  • Typewriter
  • Bin (Transparent)



The scene is beginning to feel more natural and inhabited with the recent inclusions. Even with the placeholder couch and chair, there is still good space for the player to maneuver and explore the environment. I seem to never do what I've written in my asset list below, but I really just use it as a reminder for objects I can include. (I tend to model whatever comes into my head first)



  • Remodel part of the Typewriter (FIX)
  • Plastic Wrap for Coffee Table
  • Armchair
  • Magazines/Newspaper
  • Magazine Rack
  • TV Remotes


  • Typewriter (FIX)
  • Magazines/Newspaper (A few variations hopefully)
  • Magazine Rack
  • TV Remotes