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ALZ is an "experimental short film in an ever-so-slightly interactive format" based around an old man with Alzheimer's disease. As mentioned in a previous blog post, I would personally refer to this piece as an 'Art Game'. The game takes a similar concept to what I wish to achieve with Forget-Me-Not: it depicts the story of an Alzheimer's sufferer from their perspective. ALZ uses a  minimalist style and contrasting colour palette to deliver the emotional narrative. The story is delivered to the player through on screen dialogue boxes and the choice of and use of words is short, yet effective. The 'glitchy' visuals are a metaphor for how the character can see the objects, people, places but does not remember the connection to them. After describing my honours project concept to Jamie King, he directed me to this game which I feel delivers all of the key senses and emotions required for my game. The creator of ALZ - an animator - used a linear game with linear narrative as his delivery method. I am both excited and worried as to how I will effectively portray a similar experience in a 3D potentially non-linear environment.