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More Research Sources
  • Journal of Consumer Research, Vol 38, No.1 (June 2011), pp. 94-107 - Sarah Kim and Ann L. McGill
  • Empathy - Catherine Belzung
  • The Advertising Business: Operations Creativity Media Planning Integrated Communications, Chapter 18: Emotion and Advertising  - John Phillip Jones (Esther Thorson)
  • The Handbook of Emotion and Memory: Research and Theory - SA Christianson
Dissertation & Honours Book List

Some of the books I will be using for researching creating emotion in games are as follows:

  • Rules of Play: Game Design Fundamentals - Salen and Zimmerman
  • Creating Emotion in Games - David Freeman
  • Emotion and the Structure of Narrative Film: Film as an Emotion Machine - Ed S. Tan
  • In-Game Immersion to Incorporation - Gordon Calleja
  • Game Feel: A Designer's Guide to Virtual Sensation - Steve Swink
  • Game Theory and Experimental Games - Andrew Coleman
  • A Casual Revolution - Jesper Juul

| have not yet fully analysed each book, so some texts may not be as relevant as I originally thought. I will post my analysis of the books as well as relevant quotes for my dissertation or honours projects in later blog posts.