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I began the project with a vision of one of the key environments that I wished to include in the game. This environment is a surreal vision of the main characters living room, depicting how due to the illness, somewhere which he used to know so well has become somewhere so alien. The room will be a huge cavernous expanse with part of the living room hanging precariously on the edge of a cliff. Floating (or suspended by wires) above the abyss will be a floating brain partially obscured in shadow to depict that he can only see part of what's in his head (memories). Around the walls of the cavern are paintings and photographs of people, places with the dates, faces, signs etc all scrubbed out - faces painted over in white, place names on sign posts in photographs scribbled out. Again these visual cues will be implemented to symbolise the dementia taking over his life as what were once pictures that brought back memories and feelings are now almost meaningless to the character.