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Literature Review

Games and health

Discuss previous psychological studies of games being detrimental to mental health and very tenuous links between games and violence. Discuss the positive aspects of games; social play, understanding and repeating systems (CBT) and how games help with anxiety and depression (through understanding / escapism).


How technology can enhance clinical practice

VR Vaccine, SPARX. Therefore video games that are designed specifically for health benefit have emerging potential to compliment and enhance current traditional rehabilitation methods.


Documentary, biography and film (Do I need this section in here?) How about just Storytelling and its importance?



Exploring different perspectives through lived/ personal experience

Kouprie & Visser, 2009

Also talk about creating ‘personas’.


How games media can portray these experiences in a way no other medium can



Putting game design and documentary theory into practice

Galloway, 2013


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