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12/10/2017 Supervisor Meeting and Project Requirements

After meeting with my supervisors today (Robin Sloan and Euan Dempster) the methodology for carrying out my PhD has been altered slightly although the process will remain the same. The project will still revolve around the creation of game artefacts but the methodology shall focus on the iterative design on one or more prototypes; based on user feedback and the implementation of game design theory. This creation and evaluation of game artefacts - through post mortem - will underpin the research and literature.

Create -> Evaluate -> Reflect -> Refine

My focus for the next two weeks of work is to read, collate, find key words and code data from a mixture of books and journals to help form my literature review. Alongside these literature studies I intend to dedicate at least one day a week on improving my practical abilities in Unreal Engine 4 to assist with the creation of prototypes later in this studentship.

Another thing of note is that although there are 3 PhD studentships the collaboration may not involve working together on practical projects, but may diverge more into information and knowledge sharing. There may be some practical project collaboration later, but it appears that we will all be working on a wide range of separate prototype videogames - at least in the early stages. There is no requirement for developing one (or more) polished video games by the end of this studentship.

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