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20/08/15 Press & Reception

I have decided to remove the previous blog posts showing each website that has featured my honours project in favour of a condensed press post. Thanks to Chris Wilson's press release of my project there has been a large amount of interest in my work. This interest has come from people in the games industry, carers, doctors, the public etc. It has been an incredible experience responding to positive emails and receiving constructive feedback on ways to improve Forget-Me-Knot to have a greater impact.

As of today the collective total of YouTube views on my development videos has reached over 75,500! Thank you for taking interest in the Forget-Me-Knot project and more importantly, Alzheimer's disease. I hope that with further development and potentially a release at some point in the future that my goal of raising awareness and understanding of Alzheimer's disease will reach an even larger audience.

Recently I took the Forget-Me-Knot prototype to London for the Creative Skillset Showcase where both students and industry professionals showed positive interest in the project and its message. Forget-Me-Knot has also been entered into the Clio Art Awards: Games: Student Audio/Visual category and nominated for an award at the University of Stirling International Dementia Awards 2015 in the Dementia & the Arts category.

Photo of Abertay at the Creative Skillset Showcase (Thanks to @JessHider)

Photo of Abertay at the Creative Skillset Showcase (Thanks to @JessHider)

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