PhD Student | Game Design / QA

Not Alone

not alone

not alone” is a prototype, interactive documentary intervention project created by Alexander Tarvet, designed to explore the potential that video games have to improve understanding of the patient journey for cancer patients, relatives and medical practitioners.

The project aligns with Commitment 6 of the Scottish Mental Health Strategy 2012, which stresses the intention to use new technologies in the improvement of mental health nationwide. This project is in partnership with Northwood Trust, Dundee City Council and MacMillan Cancer Support.

The “not alone” project aims to produce multiple outcomes:

  • A summary of published research and practice in this field and related fields, used to inform the design of the prototype.

  • A collection of case studies evaluating current eHealth tools, commercial video-games depicting serious illness and documentary.

  • A creation and evaluation framework that could aid in the creation and evaluation of digital support tools for those affected by cancer.

  • A collection of prototype video games and report on evaluation by patients, families, healthcare professionals and stakeholders.

not alone” is a work in progress.